You know those nicotine patches people wear when they're trying to quit smoking cigarettes? Ok, keep that mental image in mind. Now, imagine the same concept but with being a vegetarian or vegan. What would you need a patch for? Bacon, obviously.

A patch infused with the scent of bacon has been developed by Oxford University scientists to help people with their meat cravings when they go vegan or vegetarian. Sounds fake, but it's a real thing. Check it out on the brand's Instagram page -

Yahoo details -

The idea is for vegans and vegetarians to scratch it when they’re eating to release the smell of bacon. Charles Spence, a professor of experimental psychology at the University of Oxford, believes it will help people to “imagine” they’re eating bacon even when they’re not.

The patch isn't available for sale online, it's only available at the shop's pop up events. But hey, the company wants it to be the beginning of the future for meat patches. So be on the lookout for a possible steak patch or something else crazy this year maybe.

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