Plant-based meat burgers and sandwiches are all the rage, now pizza is getting on board.

Sure, Little Caesars is doing the same kind of thing with plant-based sausage on their pizza, but when it comes to something midwesterners, mainly Chicagoans, care most about its deep-dish pizza.

If anything, that's what most of the world believes Chicagoans care most about. Regardless, Giordano's is getting in on the plant-based meat craze by creating the Impossible Pizza.

NBC 5 Chicago:

The iconic pizza chain known for its deep dish zas has announced plans to introduce “The Impossible Pizza,” featuring the restaurant’s “signature sausage recipe” made with Impossible meat.

There's something about referring to meat as "impossible" that just doesn't sound right. I get the idea, "it's impossible that this plant tastes so much like meat, I can't even believe it." I suggest a name change, how about "I Can't Believe It's Almost Meat?"

I suppose the idea behind plant-based meat alternatives means that vegans can now enjoy meat-like pizza at their favorite joint, but how much more money will restaurants make because of plant-based meat alternatives to their menu?

Also, if it's truly a vegan recipe, is vegan cheese used in the pizza? I'm guessing no, but I have nothing to prove it either way.

Maybe it's the idea eating plant-based meat alternatives is healthier. No doubt, eating vegetables is considered better for you than meat, but when you top a greasy (yet delicious) pizza with a plant-based meat alternative, how much better is for you really?

All that said, I'm still excited to try an Impossible Pizza because why not?

Giordano's is at 333 Executive Parkway in Rockford.

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