So I know Costco is new to the area, but if you don't know, one of the best parts of Costco is the post shopping trip foodcourt run. And to be honest, sometimes people just go for lunch. So what's the main draw? The famous Costco Hotdog.

But it's 2019 and A LOT of people are either vegan or vegetarian. So when they make their Costco run with their family, they can't enjoy the same bliss that comes from a Costco hotdog. That's why one man created a petition asking Costco to add vegan hotdogs to it's menu. And it's already racking up some serious signatures.

The petition reads -

Shopping at Costco is an experience that many people look forward to, and the food court and its iconic menu items have historically been a big part of that. A giant slice of pizza, or the $1.50 hot dog/soda combo are meals that I've always looked forward to. But I've been vegan for 8 years, and meat-free for over a decade. Sorry, but when I feel like a hot dog or pizza, a salad is the last thing on my mind. Veganism is growing at an incredible pace, with millions of people opting to eat meat-free for animal rights reasons, the health benefits, or because meat production is unsustainable and is destroying our planet.

The petition's goal is 5,000 signatures and it currently has around 3,700. The man behind the petition makes a good point when he says -

The future is vegan, it is critical for animals and it is critical for the environment. But veganism as a mainstream trend is relatively new, so we need to work together and tell companies exactly what products we want them to sell to us.


So if you want to sign it, you can here!  

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