Cook your bacon like a master with this kitchen gadget!

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For the most part, everyone loves bacon! There are a couple of weirdos out there that just don't care for it and others who don't for religious reasons, but besides them, it's a favorite for a lot of people.

Unnecessary kitchen gadgets are also things people tend to like a lot too. Need proof, peep the "As Seen on TV" section at Walmart next time your there and notice how many are one type of kitchen gadget or another.

The folks at Smart Planet have come up with a kitchen gadget that will change the way you make bacon forever, it's the Bacon Master.

Bacon Master
Bacon Master

Retailing for about $29.99, the Bacon Master looks more like the Bacon Toaster but is said to make crispy bacon every time!

As someone who still has a Miracle Thaw from 1995, I'd be lying to say I wasn't the least bit curious to see if the Bacon Master really works. The Miracle Thaw is still a beast too, btw. However, I'm suspicious that this will just end up like the Slap Chop.

But none are better than the Slap Chop Remix!

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