When you first read the headline 'Chicago is Sinking' what comes to mind?

Maybe temperatures are dropping again. It could be something to do with Illinois' money or taxes. Or it could mean Chicago is physically sinking.

So which is it? Unfortunately it's the scariest option. Chicago is actually physically sinking. In the northern United States, areas that once were depressed under the tremendous weight of a massive ice sheet are springing back up while others are sinking. AKA the midwest got literally got weighed down and is being affected permanently.

According to the Chicago Tribune -

The sightlines at Wrigley Field, the panorama from Navy Pier, the vantage points at the Adler Planetarium observatory — all structures built more than 100 years ago — are at least 4 inches lower now.

4 inches, what's the big deal right? Wrong. The Tribune details -

One or 2 millimeters a year might not seem like a lot, but “over a decade that’s a centimeter. Over 50 years, now, you’re talking several inches,” said Daniel Roman, chief geodesist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. “It’s a slow process, but it’s a persistent one.”

So it looks like the main concern from all of this is rising water levels. Lake Michigan will definitely be affected. And when it comes to water, inches alone can really make a difference.

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