If you're looking for the perfect place for your wedding, yet you don't want to got the traditional route of being in a church.

Then check out the new venue Chicago has just added and opened up to the public. 

Now you can get married in the heart of Chicago at the Daley Plaza.

Just think as you and your betrothed are sharing your vows as the Pablo Picasso sculpture looks down on you.

City officials shared with DNAInfo Chicago, that the space "can now be rented for private events such as weddings, festivals and corporate events."

This is all part of the cities' plan to create different avenues to make money and offset the operating costs of the Daley Center.

I think this is a great idea. You're downtown in Chicago with all the gorgeous buildings, the fountain in the plaza, the Picasso Sculpture. It's certainly different, unique and definitely not traditional.

Plus, "Richard J. Daley Center, issues marriage licenses." Wow! it really is a one stop shop. Get your marriage license then get married all in one place.

If you want a wedding to be remembered, I think this would do it.

Honestly, this is a place I'd look into getting married at when or if the time should come.

I don't want the traditional or normal.

As for the cost of this venue "rentals start at $2,500 for private or corporate events, with full-day rentals running $5,000. Non-profits pay less." Plus, "the events will be allowed to serve or sell alcohol and hang banners on the Daley Center."

To see all the details on renting the Daley Center for your wedding and or event, click here to see the full brochure.



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