We've all been greeted by Sue, the T-Rex, when walking into Chicago's Field Museum main floor.

If you thought she was huge, get ready for the biggest dinosaur ever to be gracing the hall of the museum. And as an added plus, you'll be able to touch it too!

The Field Museum just revealed to NBC Chicago, that as they plan to celebrate their 125th anniversary they're doing a few changes in the museum which includes adding the biggest dinosaur ever discovered to their main entry while they move Sue to her own exhibit.

"The new dinosaur is a cast made from the fossil bones of a giant, long-necked herbivore from Argentina that’s part of a group of dinosaurs called titanosaurs, officials said. From snout to tail, it stretches 122 feet long, longer than two accordion CTA buses end-to-end."

Wow! that is one big dinosaur. They said that when your on the second floor of the museum you will actually be eyeball to eyeball with the Titanosaur. Umm... yes that's way bigger than Sue ever was.

Also, as mentioned earlier, "visitors will be able to touch the titanosaur cast and walk underneath it, making it the only one in the world museum-goers are able to touch and only the second ever to be on display."

That's really cool.

For those of us that are fans of Sue the T-Rex, now worries, she's not being moth balled. The museum is going to dismantled her, then move her to her own exhibit, which will open the spring of 2019.

Apparently they're going to straighten up Sue's familiar crouched stands to make her stand taller as she should be.

As for the unveiling of the Titanosaur, that is set for this coming spring in 2018.



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