If you hate bugs, here's another you'll want to add to your "keep that thing far away from me" list.

Mutant Caterpillar
Submitted Photo

Normally, I would say caterpillars are cute and friendly enough to not kill, but that opinion has changed. Meet the mutant caterpillar otherwise known as the Tomato Hornworm, found in a Rockton garden.

This is real and, after you see it, I will explain the white parts.

Tomato Hornworm
Submitted Photo

There's nothing cute about this mutant caterpillar. No, it's not dangerous to humans, according to Farmer's Almanac don't sting and pose no danger. Hoever, Tomato Hornworms will eat up tomato plants. They also feast on bell peppers, eggplants, and bell peppers. But what's up with the white rice looking spot?

Those white things are actually wasp larvae. You see, the wasp larvae will eat up these now mutant-looking caterpillars until they eventually die. So, as much as I hate to say it - in this case wasps are your friend. But still...

Farmer's Almanac has these tips for controlling Tomato Hornworms.

Try interplanting dill or basil; marigolds are also an excellent companion plant and keep many pests away.

You can find more info about these caterpillars by clicking here.

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