Something strange has been happening in Northern Illinois. There's more going on than just #2 and it's a head-scratcher. There's no confirmation these stories point to one individual but if it's more than one it leads to one question. What's in the water of this small town?

Google Street View, Canva
Google Street View, Canva

I'm not going to trash talk Belvidere, Illinois because it's a nice little town with good food and beautiful parks. The residents in the area are genuine people, your typical small town community. Admittedly, it's fun reading updates from around the community on various neighborhood apps and social media groups.

"Nothing to see here, just using your trash can, ma'am."

Before touching on a disgusting thing that happened to someone's garage, there's a prior incident that will make you wonder about some of the people over there.

Imagine you're standing in your driveway admiring the beautiful landscape when a stranger walks up, says nothing, but uses your garbage can. He continues in his silence, closes the lid, and goes on his merry way.

First, the guy who walked up the lady's driveway and put trash in her garbage can...

Things Are About To Get "Heated"

To clarify, the above phrase is in regard to a steamy unpleasant gift left on the side of a man's garage. Allow me to elaborate further by explaining that a mystery person literally defecated on the exterior wall of a garage in Belvidere. Because of this his wife left a "thank you" note on Facebook.

Just in case they might be in the (facebook) group lol to the person who pooped on the side of my dad's garage, I just want to let you know that wasn't very nice 😅

I read this and laughed out loud. After the initial chuckle, it dawned on me how mortified I'd be if I spotted feces on the side of my garage. My two cents come down to the fact that it's possible a nearby neighbor might have a camera that captured the moment. I do not want to see the video footage but I'm curious if it was captured.

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