Here's a little known story in the aftermath of the Tornadoes that tore through Illinois just two weeks ago.

There was one Belvidere family that was affected by the tornado.



WIFR News reported this late last night about the Cardinal family in Belvidere, whose house was choosen by the EF-4 tornado to drop down on and destroy. The oddity of it is that no other home in their subdivision was touched just theirs.

Although, the news channel dubbed them the "Forgotten Family" they really weren't as they've seen a great outpouring of help from the community. Since the April 9th tornado two go fund me accounts have been set up, one by a friend and the other by the Boone County Fire Department.  Also, several other friends who work at the Belvidere Chrysler Plant set up a Forgotten Family Benefit at all Alpine Bank locations.

Also, this June there's a fundraiser benefit is being set up at the UWA Hall in Belvidere to further aid the Cardinal family get back on their feet.

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