Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn called it quits, so which person gets the win? Neither, that victory goes to the Chicago Bears. Or does it?

On Friday Q98.5 shared the news of Rodgers' and Olivia Munn's trip to Splitsville. Some fans were saddened, others were excited with a "so I have a chance?" mentality. Despite all the tweets and Facebook statuses from Packer fans and haters, the Chicago Bears were hoping to get the award for 'Best Response Ever." Too bad it was in bad taste and short lived.

The weekend was filled with jabs and jokes about the three-year relationship between Green Bay Packers' QB Aaron Rodgers and actress/model Olivia Munn. From comparing bad plays to their love life or relating bad play calling to date nights, jokes were flying, including a tweet from the Chicago Bears. But, as with many tweet-bombs, it was quickly deleted. Too bad nothing ever leaves the internet.

Check it out for yourself.

Someone at the organization thought the tweet would be a big win for the Chicago Bears but it wasn't. Even worse, they deleted it. Of course there's a lesson here. Nothing ever is every truly #deleted.

(H/T 12UP)


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