Professional wrestling is still a much-loved sport, yes I said sport. Though scripted, the men and women who perform on a worldwide scale are still athletes, "fake" or not. In fact, those who perform on a smaller scale, like gyms and banquet rooms, are undoubtedly athletes too.

Don't believe me? Try running and jumping for 5 minutes or more without getting winded. That in and of itself isn't an easy task.

Even with COVID, wrestling shows are still happening around the area, in Illinois and Wisconsin.


All Elite Wrestling held multiple events in Wisconsin and Illinois in August of this year, one of which was a sold-out event at United Center in Chicago, where pro wrestling veteran CM Punk made his return to the industry after a 7-year hiatus.

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On a smaller, yet still entertaining level, Damage Inc. Pro Wrestling made its debut in Rockford, Illinois, bringing in names like James Storm, Rhyno, Masada, and Rockford native, George Frankenstein (formerly Gorgeous George of WCW).

Great Lakes Championship Wrestling

North of the Illinois/Wisconsin border you'll find, GLCW, which also regularly brings in big names to their events like, Blizzard Brawl.

One of those names may be familiar to you, former WIFR sports reporter Mike Curkov.

Curkov handles mornings at CBS 58 in Milwaukee, where Rockford's queen of the newsroom, Whitney Martin, worked for a few years prior to WTVO.

Mike didn't just jump into the ring and start choppin' chests, he trained for months prior to his wrestling debut, something he's dreamt of his entire life.

But before he traded in his suit for a singlet, Curkov had to learn the basics including the proper technique for falling... yes, you have to know how to do that or you'll pay for it later.

How did he do? Well enough to get a shoutout from someone who should be in WWE's Hall of Fame.

Unsurprisingly, Mike's adrenaline was pumping before, during, and after his match, which was a 3-man tag team match. He was even able to perform every "attitude era" fan's favorite finisher.

Kudus to Curkov for his victory in his wrestling debut, he did a great job. If he's thinking about "who's next?" I know a guy.

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