There are two problems with ATM's and one of them may finally be solved.

Two things about ATM's that are annoying is people that say "ATM machine" and being charged to use your own money. There may be a change to the latter.

What if it only cost you $2 at most to take money out of an Illinois ATM? It might be happening, according to WREX. A new bill was introduced in Springfield seeking to limit ATM fees to $1 from the ATM itself and your bank. No more feeling defeated and depleted when using an ATM at one of those places you know will stick it to ya with ridiculous fees.

"ATM fees have been going up for the past 10 years, the average out of network ATM fee is close to 5 dollars right now," Rep. Arthur Turner (D) Chicago said. "And if you have to pay another fee from your bank on the other end for using an out of network ATM you can reach fees as high as $7 to $10 just for withdrawing money from your bank." (WREX)

The future is bright for this bill, which would be a blessing people that don't get all ATM fees refunded by their bank.




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