Adam Gase is now the head coach of the Miami Dolphins. He has this to say about his time in Chicago with the Bears.

The former Bears Offensive Coordinator spoke about his time with the Bears at his introductory press conference Saturday in Florida. Adam Gase had nothing but good things to say about his brief Bears tenure, calling this past season "one of the proudest things I've been a part of." according to NBC Chicago.


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"It's probably one of the proudest things I've been a part of was last season in Chicago, seeing that group (do what it did with all the) injuries. Nobody gave us a chance in any game," Gase said, "but the way those guys battled, every game came down to the wire, and that's something that's unique, I feel like, when coaches and players can develop those kinds of bonds and you're really doing it for each other and you're not just doing it for yourself."

When asked about his time working with John Fox, The Chicago Bears Head Coach, Adam Gase stated "Obviously the last five years being with John Fox, his record speaks for itself," Gase said. "To work for a guy who has over 100 wins in his career, who's been to multiple Super Bowls, who's made a living on walking in to an organization and absolutely turning around the attitude, to be under him, that's a career-changing move as far as learning how to do it the right way."

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Looking outside at the snow falling and the cold Arctic air in Illinois today, it's had to bad mouth a mans choice to leave this for South Beach Florida and Miami.

Thanks for your time in Chicago Mr. Gase.