Being so close to the boarder, this is must read material for anyone from The Badger State, The Cheese State, The Beer State, Wisconsin. Here are a few things Wisconsinites can relate to.


Here are a few signs that only true listeners from Wisconsin can testify to. I read an article about Wisconsinites that made my sister, who moved to Waukesha, Wisconsin decades ago, laugh out loud.

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Here a few of the examples from the website:

You know Wisconsin is the true Dairy State.

You’ve danced the polka with your grandpa or a great aunt at least once.

You know that Summerfest is the ultimate music party of the summer.

When you go to church on Sundays during football season, at least half the folks are wearing green and gold.

You "Drink Wisconsin-ably!"

It’s totally normal to walk into someone’s house and see multiple bucks mounted on the wall.

You’ve owned a cheese head at some point in your life.

You get excited when Wisconsin is mentioned in your favorite movies and shows. Wisconsin is referenced in "Mean Girls," "The Great Gatsby," "Bridesmaids," "That 70's Show," "Titanic," and "Home Alone."

No matter what college you go/went to, you’ll always root for the Badgers.

You hated Brett Favre when he left, but have since learned to forgive him.

You refer to the Packers as “we.”

For the complete list, click here.

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After spending a few minutes reading the list to my sister, and sharing a laugh or two, I started to feel like there is a "club" in Wisconsin that must be cool to belong to. Now, I'm feeling a bit left out.

Oh well, back to being a "flat-lander" in Illinois...