You don't see an armadillo roaming around this area of the country too often if not ever.

According to the Rock Falls Police Department on Facebook, armadillos aren't seen in northern Illinois.

Police say they’ve received several calls over the years for all sorts of animals, but never an armadillo.

There's a first for everything and in 2020, why should it surprise anyone that armadillo would just as soon start popping up in northern Illinois?

So how did this armadillo get here? While I don't have that answer, I do have tons more probably unanswerable questions.

  • Did the armadillo start out in southern Illinois and just got lost and kept walking?
  • Does someone around here own this armadillo and it somehow got loose?
  • Can an armadillo actually get loose and can you legally own one?
  • Why was this armadillo just hanging out underneath a car?
  • Where is the armadillo now?

The biggest question I have considering I've had zero interaction with an armadillo in my life would be "is it dangerous?"

In the meantime, if you are along the riverfront and see him, don’t harass him for getting lost.

While that doesn't fully explain to me whether I'd be attacked for messing with an armadillo, it would probably in mine and our best interests to stay away until it makes it's way back home.

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