If your house is missing the wag of an enthusiastic tail and a full-body wiggle of pure love, you need to go to Winnebago County Animal Services in Rockford today to meet Clark!

Winnebago County Animal Services
Winnebago County Animal Services

Clark may not look like he is smiling in the above picture, but isn't he handsome?!? Being cute isn't the only positive thing Clark has going for him either according to Amber Pinnon, Adoption and Volunteer Program Coordinator at Winnebago County Animal Services;

Clark is a beautiful pup who is ALWAYS smiling. When Clark meets someone after a short introduction he becomes loose and wiggly and loves being pet, snuggling and getting butt scratches. Clark would love an active home with people who will give him plenty of attention and playtime. In return, he promises to be your most loyal and affectionate companion. Think he could be the one for you?

Clark came into Winnebago County Animal Services as a stray on September 3rd, so as I write this, he is on 'stray wait'. If Clark's previous owners are desperately searching for him, they still have a few days to claim him at the shelter. Being on 'stray wait' doesn't mean he is unavailable for you to adopt, you can do a pre-select adoption application on him right now, you just have to wait a few more days before you can bring him home. For more information on pre-select adoptions, go here or call 815-319-4100.

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