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Despite the stay-at-home order, a pop-up drive-in movie theater is coming to downtown Chicago. The temporary outdoor venue is aiming for showing movies six nights a week to 300 vehicles, which seems to the standard for permanent outdoor movie theaters. The "event" will be hosted by Bucket Listers, according to Chicago Sun-Times.

Some details are not yet public, notably the location, but it is said to have “close proximity to the downtown area.”

The tentative list of movies to be shown has not been announced either but you can have a hand at picking the films. Bucket Listers has promised great classics like The Sandlot, E.T., Back To The Future, and more, but you can nominate movies by sending them an email. You'll also want RSVP even though there isn't a date or exact location. Chicago Sun-Times reports of 60,000 people have RSVP for events tentatively scheduled throughout the country. As far as safety concerns, organizers promise contact-less concessions and clean bathrooms. And ticket prices will be $40 per vehicle.

If you're looking for closer outdoor movie theater options there are a few options.

Many of these outdoor movie venues have come up with plans to practice social distancing.

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