Illinois is set to slowly start opening up after the end of May, but drive-in theaters are a little ahead of others.

The McHenry Drive-In has been open for a few weekends now, with massive amounts of people making the drive to see a flick outdoors.

Meanwhile, the Midway Drive-In in Sterling, about an hour or so from Rockford is set to open this Friday.

In an email the Midway sent to fans, the drive-in theater outlined safety measures and precautions they plan to take including advance ticket sales, including a $10 food permit for each car entering.

Wait, what does a food permit get you? Well, in case you didn't know, theaters, and drive-in theaters especially, don't rake in the dough when it comes to playing a movie. Matter of fact, they either break even or take a loss on the showing.

The real money comes from concessions. So it makes sense in order to make sure everyone is safe, the Midway is allowing all customers to bring in their own food, as long as they purchase a $10 food permit, which sounds like an awesome idea.

The $10 food permit allows you to bring in whatever you want to eat without the fear of having to stand in line with other people during a time of social distancing.

Couple the food permit with advance ticket sales, which reserves you a spot, and you have an almost touch-free night out with the fam.

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