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Need something fun to scroll through while you're killing time? This Freeport couple's TikTok is definitely worth checking out.

I don't know how they're doing it but they're sitting at over 3 million likes on TikTok. Actually, I can make a guess... They're constantly cranking out funny content.

Some of their TikToks might make you thinking something dirty or NSFW is around the corner and then, boom, it's something funny.

The couple (Adam and Alanna) told Q98.5 they have a lot of fun making these short clips, which was suggested they do by a friend. The couple's history of how they met can be found in some of their TikToks. There's also a great insight into the big life changes made by Adam and a cute TikTok on both of them attending nursing school together. It's truly an uplifting reality show in the making.

What are they going to do if TikTok is BANNED in September?

Adam and Alanna have started a YouTube channel and plan on moving their TikTok content there as well as posting content specifically for YouTube. You can find their YouTube channel HERE.

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