As a self-proclaimed sporting event aficionado, there's nothing quite like the electrifying atmosphere of a jam-packed arena or stadium, where the cheers of thousands blend well with the scent of hot dogs and nachos.

However, one crowd interactive feature always manages to send shivers down my spine—the dreaded Kiss Cam!

Pucker up, buttercup!

The Kiss-Cam is that sneaky jumbotron segment that captures unsuspecting couples in the crowd, coercing them into sharing a smooch for the amusement of thousands of strangers.

It's a recipe for comedy gold and, occasionally, downright awkwardness. The fear of being caught up in this public display of affection mishap is something that haunts me every time I witness the bit during an in-person game.

The Kiss Cam Snafu

Sure, fans like the cute moment between two lovely-dovey seniors, but it's the potential for hilarity we're hoping for.

From the classic "fake-out" moments where the couple opts for a high-five instead of a kiss, to the outright refusal of one person to participate, the Kiss-Cam never fails to deliver amusement.

I can't help but feel the same as those terrified fans who quickly duck out of the camera's line of sight versus locking lips in front of the world.

Even the POTUS Can Get Denied

What if the cam pans to me and whoever I'm with, dare I say... my partner, and she denies me a smooch for whatever reason? I'd wither away and crumbles into the bowels of the area below the seats.

Rotowire shared this vid of Barack Obama getting denied on cam (at first).

In 2015, basketball fans caught pure Kiss Cam magic at a game where the camera finds a man in a Celtics sweatshirt on the phone next to a woman.

She unsuccessfully tries to get his attention, and the camera moves on before returning for another failed attempt.

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Upon their third time on the kiss cam, her desire for a kiss becomes more forceful, but the Celtics fan continues to show he's too preoccupied with his phone call.

With the camera still on them, things take an unexpected turn, as the Bulls' mascot swoops in to save the day. Watch.

Check out some of the most epic Kiss Cam fail moments here.

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