About a month ago the Village of Roscoe announced they were permanently moving trick-or-treating to the final Saturday of October, and it's safe to say the change did not come without its share of hiccups in 2021.

Trick-or-Treating Frenzy in Roscoe

I'm assuming Village of Roscoe authorities and residents expected moving trick-or-treating to Saturday would bring in more kids, but apparently, the numbers were way higher than they thought.

I know several people who live in the Roscoe area, and most of them were sharing an article from Rockton-Roscoe News that said "We counted 575 kids this year...In years past we typically have between 125-180 kids."

Group of kids with Halloween costumes walking to trick or treating


Wowsers! Obviously many Stateline families decided to make the short drive to Roscoe on Saturday to enjoy a double dose of trick-or-treating fun this weekend, and I don't blame them one bit, but this did cause a few problems.

According to the Rockton-Roscoe News article;

Many residents want to change it back, as families from nearby areas drove in to Roscoe to enjoy an extra day of trick-or-treating, causing traffic congestion and candy shortages in popular destinations such as Chicory Ridge.

Containing the Candy Craziness

Many Roscoe residents have said how nice it was to see more kids trick-or-treating this year, but a lot of residents are concerned about the traffic congestion the additional numbers caused. Families and parked cars crowded the streets which made it hard to get necessary vehicles through, not to mention posing legitimate safety hazards.

Nothing has been mentioned yet about the Village of Roscoe changing their decision to host trick-or-treating on the last Saturday of October going forward, but I bet more 'no parking' areas and rules will be established for Halloween 2022. Do you know what else would help ease the congestion? If more Rockford-area towns, cities, and villages decided to hold their trick-or-treating on the last Saturday of October too. Just sayin'.

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