As a kid, I loved Halloween. As an adult, I still love Halloween, but as a parent, I've developed a little beef with one very important aspect of the holiday, trick-or-treating.

It's not the trick-or-treating I have a problem with, it's the havoc it wreaks on our family's schedule when the holiday falls on a school night.

Let's  Push to Permanently Move Trick-or-Treating to the Last Saturday of October

When Halloween falls on a Monday through Thursday, it sucks. Families have to rush home from work, school, and other activities to get dressed up and hunt down candy, and then you have the problem of beating your kids' sugar high and getting them to bed at a decent time for school the next day. No bueno.

For years I have wished trick-or-treating could always happen on Saturdays, and now one village in the Stateline area is making all my dreams come's just too bad I don't live there.

On Wednesday the Village of Roscoe announced that they are permanently moving their trick-or-treat day and times to the final Saturday of October, and when I saw this I was like, "heck yes!"

Five Reasons Why All of Illinois Should Follow Roscoe's Trick-Or-Treating Lead

I'm a firm believer that if you're going to embark on a mission to get something done, you should always go big, or go home. So, since I would like the entire state of Illinois to permanently move trick-or-treat day to the last Saturday in October, here are 5 reasons I would like to give to prove my case:

  1. It would eliminate the rush home and get ready craziness.
  2. There's no school the next day, so teachers won't have to deal with the day-after-Halloween crabbiness of their students.
  3. It's safer. When fewer people are commuting home from work, there will be less traffic on the streets.
  4. Parents won't have to fight the sugar high to get kids to bed on time, allowing them to extend the family's Halloween fun.
  5. More families would participate. I truly think more families would take their kids trick-or-treating and hand out candy at their homes if it happened on a Saturday.

I know trying to convince every city, town, and village in the state of Illinois to do this change is a big ask, but I'll accept just the Rockford area making the permanent change. (I'm especially looking at you, Pecatonica). Who's with me?

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