Beloit, Wisconsin's new Minor League Baseball Team, the Sky Carp have already kicked off their inaugural season, BUT one major thing has been missing at their games...their mascot!

The official Beloit Sky Carp mascot will be "hatching" soon, but he can't do so without a cool name, and that is where you and I come in...

Getting the opportunity to name a new mascot and be a small part of a team's history is pretty cool, so, here are some quick names we came up with for Mr. Sky Carp...

  1. Goosie
  2. Downy
  3. Honker
  4. Goose Lee
  5. Bump or Bumpy (as in goosebumps and a baseball bump)


The Beloit Sky Carp have not listed any qualifications for name choices but did offer these suggestions...

  • Does the name have a connection to the Sky Carp, Beloit, or the surrounding Stateline area?
  • Goose-Related puns are super fun and highly encouraged!
  • Is it fun, silly and easy to remember?

Now that I look at the names we came up with, I realize we might have missed the mark a bit, even if I did Google "goose puns" while we were rattling off ideas. If you read through the comments on this Sky Carp post, you will see that some interesting names have been thrown into the mix...

Some of my favorites include:

"Tootsie as in little tootsie rolls the geese leave everywhere."

"I'm guessing Pooper or Crapper isn't going to fly."

"Poopy the Goose"

Although I appreciate the theme going on there, sadly, I don't think those names or any variation of them will be picked. Have you got a cool name suggestion? Click here and submit it now!

If you're confused about what the heck a Sky Carp is, and why the team name makes complete sense for Beloit, read this.

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