The Beloit minor league baseball team had a great run as the Snappers but now it's time to embrace a new mascot in the Stateline area.

The Snappers have been put away in mothballs now that a new mascot has been announced for the historic minor league club. After months of speculation and anticipation the franchised unveiled their new logo and mascot at today's press conference, The Sky Carp.

Sky Carp beat out other finalists like Moo, Polka Pike, Supper Clubbers, and Cheeseballs. I'll admit that I was a strong supporter of the Beloit Cheeseballs, just for marketing purposes only, that's the kind of name that sells hats from coast to coast, but after reading some more about the decision, Sky Carp is a fine name that the area should fully support.

But first...

What Is A Sky Carp?

Great question. According to the press release from the Sky Carps

[A Sky Carp is] a slang term for a goose that does not migrate in the winter, instead preferring to stay in its home city, the Sky Carp name represents the city of Beloit - a flourishing, innovative town so vibrant and strong that no one wants to leave.

Kind of cool and indicative of the recent transformation that Beloit is undergoing. If you haven't visited the little gem of a city right over the Illinois-Wisconsin border in a while, it might look a little different from the last time you visited. The city has seen some considerable money and growth pour in over the last few years and it's noticeable everywhere you go.

The Sky Carp is a wonderful nod to the progress Beloit has seen that includes the beautiful ABC Supply Stadium that the team itself plays in. Seriously, their new ballpark is legit. 

The tributes to Beloit don't end with the name Sky Carp either, there are plenty of Easter Eggs hidden in all their logos.

Builder Mark Wrench

The goose is carrying a wrench in its feet and mouth in two different Sky Carp logos and it has 2 meanings. One is a nod to the "ongoing work being done across the city to build Beloit into the greatest place to live in the world." And it is also modeled after a wrench that was manufactured by Fairbanks Morse right in Beloit.

Underwater Logo

This alternate logo of a goose poking its head underwater shows it wearing goggles but these aren't ordinary goggles. These goggles are modeled after the classic aviation goggles of the past and are a nod to Beloit's own Bessica Raiche, the first woman to fly an airplane solo in the United States.

Script Logo


This is awesome and probably my favorite design choice. The goose's head finishing off the "B" in Beloit looks great. The color scheme of black for the goose, a touch of gray for Beloit's industrial heart, and river blue for the nearby Rock River looks sharp as well.



Home Unis


Away Unis


Alternate Unis


Alternate Unis

These all look excellent (especially the alternate blacks) and are reminiscent of their parent club's jerseys, the Miami Marlins. Also notice the goose heads in the "S" and "C" of Sky Carp. Very cool.


The Sky Carp will also have 4 different hat styles to choose from every game. Each hat is compatible with all 4 jersey designs so mixing and matching will be fun through the year. My personal favorite? The white-backed, orange-billed model. VERY 70s and 80s baseball feel. I'm not a hat guy, but I would consider getting one of these.


If you want to pick up some of the new gear, possibly as a Christmas present, it's all available at the team's online store. 

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