Sure you have your favorite candle, but what about the scent you love that's totally unique to you?

I'll be honest, for me, it's elevators.

Photo by Derrick Treadwell on Unsplash
Photo by Derrick Treadwell on Unsplash

I don't know why. I don't think it's the actual elevator itself. I think it's some sort of substance they use to keep the elevator moving smoothly on its track. I also had a weird smell obsession with the hallway in my grandma's apartment.

Photo by runnyrem on Unsplash
Photo by runnyrem on Unsplash

So what's your favorite weird or random smell? Like I said, I'm not looking for your favorite candle. I want to know the smell that you don't even understand why you like it.

We asked on Facebook and had a ton of great responses. Some of them I definitely agreed with. Things like old basements, new closets, and fresh blacktop. Some of them, however, I just don't understand. But that's what makes it unique to you!

I was curious what are the top favorite smells are. According to, here are the top 5 popular smells -

  1. Cookies from the oven
  2. Freshly baked bread
  3. After it rains
  4. Cinnamon Rolls
  5. Vanilla

Those are all great smells, but they're too normal.

So, what weird smells do we love here in Illinois?

Let's take a look -

22 Weird And Random Smells Illinois Residents Totally Love

You probably won't find any of these scents in the candle aisle.

I think we need to talk about this Farm And Fleet phenomenon. We had so many comments saying they love the smell right when you walk in the entrance. Honestly, I think Farm And Fleet is missing out on a serious business opportunity. They should be selling a Farm And Fleet candle!

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