Illinois Scented Candle
Ok this is for the Illinoisans. What smells remind you of your home state? Corn? Fresh cut grass? Plowed dirt?
Homesick Candles has captured the smell of Illinois in a candle.
Turn Crayons into Candles
Don't you hate when you forget the candles for the birthday cake? Well no more worries.
I have another "Does this Work?" challenge in showing you how to turn a crayon into a candle.
A Rockford Aroma
Scented candles aren't some kind of new craze but one company is making a candle that smells like an old (and recently closed) dime store on the east coast.
Frosted Candle Holders [Video]
Since Little Zim is on vacation I thought I'd take a turn in doing a craft project this week.
I'm going to show you how to make frosted candle holders with dollar store items and answer the question "Does this work?"