Ok this is for the Illinoisans. What smells remind you of your home state? Corn? Fresh cut grass? Plowed dirt?

Homesick Candles has captured the smell of Illinois in a candle.

Wherever you go you can always take a piece of Illinois with you and fill the air with the scents of with grain fields, violet (our state flower) and lavender.  You'll never be homesick again.

I'm serious. I'm not making this up.


Homesick Candles have made a collection of candles that has the smell of a specific state in our country. Right now their collection is up to 20 of our 50 states (California received two different scents for the northern and southern half of the state.). Sorry Wisconsin you state's candle isn't available yet. The company will notify you when your state's candle is ready for purchase, if it isn't one of the 20 they've already made.

The candles are made of soy right here in the U.S. According to the website they burn 60 to 80 hours and their cost is $34.95 (shipping and tax is extra).

I'm surprised that the candle doesn't capture the essence of corn. Believe it or not corn does have a smell. Just ask any person or kid who's detassled corn in the summer or even grew up around corn fields. Soybeans even have a smell too. It's interesting that the company picked grain as part of the scent combination. That's why I'd be interested in getting this candle, because I'm curious. I'd like to know, or smell, if this candle does evoke the sense and feeling of Illinois. Wouldn't you?

I wish that this candle would have been around when I moved to Chattanooga. I was homesick for awhile being away from my family and friends here in Illinois. Maybe this candle would have eased some of those sad symptoms. ??

This candle would be perfect for my Aunt Judy, she lives in Pennsylvania, but whenever she comes back for a visit I've heard her say many times "Oh I needed to get my Illinois fix."

If this candle does capture the scents of Illinois, I can see it as a perfect gift for anyone who is moving or has moved out of the Land or Lincoln. You would be sending them a piece of home to have in the house of office.








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