After news of McDonald's selling food-scented candles, we asked Rockford folks which candle scents they wish existed. There were more than 50 suggestions.

Here are our 10 favorite scents.

Jessie wishes there was a candle that smelled like fresh-cut grass.

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Karmen went a different direction, she said her husband would want a roof tar scented candle.

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Lori went with a scent many of us would agree with; bleach.

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Another unique scent suggestion comes from Jessie (again) and Jill. They like the smell of Farm & Fleet.

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Of course, bacon made the list.

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Cinnamon is another good idea. Thanks, Amy and Katie.

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This one is a great idea (courtesy of Susan) and then ideas go into an odd direction.

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Lindsay, Marnie, and Amy went with puppy breath. I thought all dog breath smelled foul?

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Another weird, yet oddly satisfying smell is diesel few, as suggested by Juhon.

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And something totally weird, but a scent we could agree on, is the smell of Chris Hemsworth, as recommended by Jessica.

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Check out all the suggestions below.

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