If you made a resolution to de-clutter your life or you just want to rid your home of stuff that just isn't being used then take a look at this list of 200 things that we need to throw out.

If you think about it every Christmas we acquire more stuff, now getting new things isn't a problem it's that fact that we don't get rid of the older items in our homes and life that is the problem.

I found a list through Embracing Home Making of 200 things we all need to get rid of in our homes to live a de-cluttered and less stressed life.

Now before you just go crazy pitching things left and right keep these two things in mind:

1. Many of the items you can sell, donate or recycle.

2. Keep only the things that make you happy. If if doesn't make you feel happy get rid of it.

Also, sometimes taking on the whole house of sorting through things to toss our can be overwhelming so just work on it a little at a time. As you go down the list of 200 items start with purging your house of 10 items at a time.

Here's are start on a few items to pitch right now:

- Packing boxes

- Old electronics

- Old paint

- Hangers from the dry cleaners

- Magazines

- Bills, taxes, and bank statements that are older than 7 years old

- Expired make-up

- Extra cups or mugs you don't use

- Books you'll never read or will read again

- Cleaning rags. You only need a few not a bag full.

To see the other 190 items we need to get rid of click here.



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