Last night as I was rummaging around in my fridge to find something for dinner. I realized my fridge seemed to be out of control. I had stuff crammed everywhere.

That is the wrong way to organize, or in my case not organize, your fridge.According to Tip Hero, many of us (myself included) have been poorly organizing our fridge.In fact, in doing this we tend to throw more things out.

In order to keep food fresher there are few things we need to do. For instance according to the Tip Hero chart, the top shelf should always be for leftovers, drinks, or ready to eat food. Oops, I've been storing bread and milk on the top shelf.

The door compartments should only store condiments, juice and water. Never store eggs and dairy there. Uh, oh, I've been storing butter there sometimes my hard boiled eggs too.

The lower shelves is where your dairy, eggs and meats should be.

Also, items we should never refrigerate are bread, tomatoes, potatoes and onions. Hmm, I broke the rule there. I have bread in the fridge and an onion in the bottom crisper drawer.

Click here to see the complete refrigerator diagram. Yes there is an actual diagram.

If we follow these simple rules our fridge won't get out of control and our foods will not only last longer and stay fresher, but we (like in my case) will be able to find them quicker.

Face it grocery are expensive and throwing them out due to being poorly stored in the fridge is like taking your dollar bills and throwing them into the wind.

We'd never do that, so why do it with our groceries. Right?!



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