Girl Power! That's what N.I.U.'s STEM program is all about.

Their desire is to empower girls to continue learning and growing in the field's of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. That is what S.T.E.M. stands for.

This past Tuesday, July 21st, they held a one day camp, STEM Divas, for girls to show them the fascinating sides of what math, science, technology can do. It's not just another boring subject in school.

NIU STEM Outreach Associate Pettee Guerrero,according to WTVO News, organized 'STEM Divas' to get more girls to follow in her footsteps and embrace a field dominated by men.

"There is lack of interest in STEM fields from girls once they go into middle school, so that's why we decided to start this program in a elementary school. So hopefully, we can keep that interest in them and continue on," said Guerrero.

Now that is pretty cool. I can honestly say in school I didn't care for math or chemistry but, get this, I loved biology. Funny because that's a science.  I wish there would have been a STEM Diva camp then. Who knows what I would have done. Maybe I'd have my own radio show talking about biology or biology, ecology related things?

To learn more about  'STEM Diva's' and other upcoming STEM Outreach programs, click here.

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