A friend of mine shared this kindness movement that is gaining traction in Canada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania. just to name a few locations.

They may have different names like "Scarves of Love" or "Scarves in the Port City", but they both do the same thing.
Their mission is to provide the warmth of scarves, gloves and mittens for anyone who is in need for free. Whether it's Scarves of Love or Scarves in the Port City, what they do is tie and attach the donated winter wear to the trees, light posts or street signs in areas where the homeless population is prevalent and leave a note that states "I am not lost! If you are stuck out in the cold, please take this to keep warm!"

Wow! How cool is that. Talk about thinking outside of yourself. Just think what Rockford would be if we got together to do this? This city has taken a lot of hits with bad news lately. This would be that glimmer of hope and light to show that we aren't all that bad here. We love, we care, we are kind and we are concerned for others.

Here is the Huffington Post article if you'd like to read more on this. Also, you can find out what the Wilmington, N.C. group, Scarves in the City Port is doing on their facebook page.

All it takes is a spark to ignite a fire.



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