Next time you're out shopping, grab a pack of socks or two. If we all remember to do this during the winter season we can really help keep the Stateline warm. Rock Valley Credit Union is pairing up with Miss Carly’s to collect socks for the homeless this winter.

It's a small item most of us take for granted. Socks are in HIGH demand this time of year, however, they're one of the least donated items. And this weather makes it extra dangerous. WTVO details -

Miss Carly’s says some people have had to have their toes amputated because of last year’s frigid temperatures. Lori Perkins, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Rock Valley Credit Union, says after learning how much just a pair of socks can help someone, it has inspired her to get a collection going. “They say that if your feet are warm, it really helps keep your whole body is warm. They’re walking a lot. They’re out in the elements and socks are probably he best thing that can help keep them warm,” she said. The collection runs through December 13th.

So grab a pack of socks next time you're out. Donations can be made at either Rock Valley Credit Union location, at 1201 Clifford Avenue or 11280 Forest Hills Road.

You can learn more about Miss Carly's here.

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