When is a good time of year to donate? YEAR ROUND!

The Northern Illinois Food Bank does incredible work with the help of its community. In 2020 alone they provided 97 MILLION meals for families. How awesome is that? I've volunteered at the food bank a couple of times and just hearing the facts about how much food they can provide was so inspiring.

Like most businesses in 2020, they saw a slow due to COVID-19. But just because we were in the middle of a pandemic didn't change the amount of people who still rely on the food bank for their food.

WREX details -

Northern Illinois Food Bank Chief Operating Officer, Chris White, says the food bank has seen a decline of food donated over the last couple of months. Last month, the food bank was down about 800,000 pounds of donated food. This comes as the USDA also stopped its coronavirus food assistance program. However, fewer people are also going to the food bank to get donations.

800,000 pounds of food is A LOT of food. But with the help of the community, they can replenish their supply and make sure that people get the food they need. Even if you can't get out and help hands on, did you know you could donate to the food bank? Not only that, what you donate basically turns into way more than you actually donate.

The food bank says every dollar donated helps give eight dollars in groceries.

You can learn more about the food bank's mission, how to donate/volunteer, and all other details here.


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