Bored yet? Ready to give your kids at-home detention? You're not alone. Families are in a very unique situation right now. But thankfully we have the internet to share our ideas and fight boredom together. Especially for the kids.

We asked how you're staying busy at home with your little ones and you had some awesome answers, so we wanted to share the wealth. Here's 10 things to do at home with your kids as suggested by parents in the Stateline -

  1. Forts - Who doesn't love a good fort? Move the furniture, grab some blankets, and have at it.
  2. Scavenger hunts - You've got a bunch of random stuff lying around the house. Grab a pen and paper, write it down, BOOM. Easy entertainment. Need ideas? I'll post 97ZOK's idea below.
  3. At home science - No test tubes or labs required, there's so many easy at home experiments to do. I'll link one below.
  4. Google Slides - One mom said her kids love making them, maybe your's will too.
  5. Tablet - It's a pandemic, nothing's normal, let them play a game or two for a break.
  6. Animal dress up - We aren't encouraging you to draw eyebrows on your dog like one little girl did. But if your pet's into some fashion shows, why not?
  7. Family movie night - Days pass faster with something to look forward to, schedule a family movie night. Switch off who picks the movie.
  8. Puzzles - You've finally got the time.
  9. Video games - You can play too, you know you want to.
  10. Blacklight air hockey - The most unique on the list, but I couldn't not put it. Look how fun it looks -

Here's our scavenger hunt -

And here's an easy, at-home science experiment to try -

And if you still need some ideas here's our full list curated by you!

We'll get through this weird time in life together.

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