With this special candle, your home can smell like 2020 for the holidays.

If I was to give the year 2020 a review on Yelp, I would definitely not recommend it with zero stars. Someone actually gave me that t-shirt as a gift. There are all kinds of those on the internet to purchase.

I've also seen many anti-2020 memes on social media or sent in text messages. You've probably seen them too. Things like if 2020 was a beer, it would be all foam.

Humor is a way many people get through difficult times like these. There has been plenty of it in the last few months. People used 2020 jokes to create Halloween costumes. I'm sure there will be a bunch of 2020 related Christmas gifts this year too. In fact, here's a pretty clever one.

According to wgnradio.com,

"In case you’d like to dwell on how, uh, unusual 2020 has been, a candle company has revealed a new “2020 Scent” candle."

The candle company name is Flaming Crap which is fitting for this situation. They've come up with a special fragrance that is a funny way to look back at this year. It has four layers, each with its own unique scent. Of course, they don't work well together.

After you light it, you'll enjoy the aroma of banana bread which is in honor of people who starting baking during the pandemic. Next up is hand sanitizer for obvious reasons. Followed by D.I.Y. for the folks who started focusing on home improvements. To top it all off, you'll experience woody musk in homage to the one and only Joe Exotic from Tiger King.

It would make an entertaining gift but you'll probably not want to be around when it's lit.

If you're looking for the perfect gift for the person on your Christmas list that just hates 2020, the shopping is done with one quick internet order.

For more info, HERE.

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