Have you ever had a UFO sighting before?

I'll never forget a sleepover I had in middle school when we SWORE we saw one. It was the middle of the night, we were sleeping in a tent in the back yard and had to go inside to get some snacks. We looked up and BAM, UFO.

To this day I can still picture it, it reminded me of a dragon fly. It was a solid line down the middle of light, and then two curved lines crossing over in the middle.

I'm going to try to paint a visual for you, it's going to be bad, but here's my best shot.


It didn't look like a plane, or a helicopter, so obviously we were like ... UFO! To this day, I still kind of think it was one.

We had A LOT of free time in 2020 because of the pandemic lockdowns. And we got bored of being inside, so we went outside. Apparently while we were all on lockdown, UFO sightings increased.

WTVO details -

Using data beginning in 2001, UFO researcher and author Cheryl Costa published the most detailed analysis of American UFO sighting reports ever assembled, the UFO Sightings Desk Reference.


So what did UFO sightings in 2020 look like for Illinois and Wisconsin? Well, according to her data -

  • In 2019 Illinois had 267 sightings and in 2020 that increased to 290
  • In 2019 Wisconsin had 193 sightings and in 2020 that increased to 216

There's also some data on the different shapes people saw. I don't think my descriptions fits ANY of these.

Credit Cheryl Costa
Credit Cheryl Costa

Here's to another year full of wondering if we're the only ones out there.


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