It seems as though we just can't get away from Bigfoot. It was a little over a week ago that Joe Dredge wrote a piece on this site about a Bigfoot and Bigfoot baby possibly being filmed in Michigan.

Well, unless we've got multiple Bigfoots (Big-feet?) slogging, slinking, prowling, lurking, (or whatever word one would use to describe the ambulation of Sasquatch) throughout the Midwest, it looks as though Michigan's purported Bigfoot has got places to go and people to see.

From Michigan to Iowa?

Cryptozoology podcaster and Bigfoot Society Host Jeremiah Byron recently tweeted this series of photos that Jeremiah says were taken by a man named Jeremy. Jeremy says that he spotted a strange creature walking in Bernard, Iowa at White Water Canyon.

Okay. What did you think? Just some guy walking? A strange shadow? Or was it the real deal, Bigfoot him/herself? Guys like Gary Siegwarth are muddying the waters:

That was pretty much the Rick-Roll of Bigfoot sightings. Judging by the results of Iowa's 2018 gubernatorial election, the folks in Iowa don't appreciate a faux-Bigfoot.

Jeremy, the guy who took the series of photos above told K92.3FM that he didn't give his last name because of the craziness of the idea of Bigfoot wandering around the Iowa countryside:

You don't have to believe me. I wouldn't believe me, but now that I've seen whatever that was first hand... I think I may be a Bigfoot believer now.

He's not the only one in Iowa who has thoughts on Bigfoot:

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