After the year we've all just experienced it's best to enter with caution this new one, but setting some good resolutions or even just goals isn't such a bad idea either.

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As I sit here exhausted after moving my family yet again, I swear I could set a world record for most times moved by a single person, anyway I got thinking about how this move is the last as a renter. So that also got me thinking about New Year's resolutions and/or goals for the coming year.

Let's be honest, so many of us make them but we rarely keep them. I'll be the first to admit this. But after getting kicked around by 2020, maybe making some changes to positively move forward on the right track couldn't be a bad thing.

Everyone makes the top ones like quitting smoking (11 years today no cigarettes for me!!), lose weight, get out of debt, and so on. But more often than not, we don't continue with them.

I found two different lists of ten resolutions that one can actually keep, one from and Refinery 29. I liked both lists, though I didn't like some resolutions as much as others, I will probably start working on some of these moving forward into 2021. Some seem so simple that you're almost mad you didn't do it sooner.

  • Trust Your Instincts
  • Stop Procrastinating
  • Learn to Take Risks
  • Forgive Someone
  • Tip Generously
  • Learn One New Thing
  • Live Longer, Watch Less TV
  • Try a New Adventure
  • Get to Know Your Neighbors
  • Use Your Talents for a Good Cause
  • Try to Keep Your House Plants Alive
  • Wear Sunscreen Daily
  • Stay on Top of Current Events
  • Finally Getting Around to Updating Laptop Software/PC Maintenance
  • Call Instead of Texting
  • Wear Nice Workout Clothes
  • Have More Sex
  • Minimalize Your Wardrobe
  • Becoming More Intentional

Whether you choose to set resolutions for yourself this 2021, Have a happy and healthy new year Rockford! Here's to an amazing 2021!

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