2020 - the year we realized just how good we really had it. From going to the gym whenever you'd like, to being able to meet your friends for a drink after work, the way we lived our life got flipped upside down. Those every day activities slowly but surely were shut down in 2020 and it made us realize that we've kind of been taking advantage of just how many amenities were offered in life.

So what did you miss most in 2020? Was it being able to hit the gym whenever you wanted? Or was it calling up your friends and asking them to meet at your favorite local bar. I think everybody missed life in general. But these were two big things that we couldn't do for a while, and then we could kind of do, and now it's back to looking like it did early pandemic life.

Every state was asked which they missed more, bars or gyms? I can't lie, I assumed almost every state would miss the bars more, but it turns out a lot of states miss getting fit. Including Illinois and Wisconsin.

To answer this question, American Addiction Centers, conducted a survey of 3,000 aged 21+ and they found out which states like to sip it or get fit. The study found that Illinois has missed going to the gym more than drinking at their local bar since the start of the pandemic (51% vs 49%).

And for Wisconsin? It looks like they missed going to the gym more than drinking at their local bar since the start of the pandemic as well (56% vs 44%).

Hopefully 2021 is the beginning of us being able to go back to both locations normally. Here's what other states missed the most -

Credit AmericanAddictionCenters
Credit AmericanAddictionCenters
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