Treasures lost years ago were finally found at this legendary Illinois theater.

Going To Concerts Is A Fun Hobby

I have been a big fan of going to concerts since I can remember. Some people have hobbies like golf, fishing, and hunting to just name a couple. My thing is music, especially going to concerts.

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I grew up in the suburbs, so I went to shows in and around Chicago. When I moved to Rockford, I was surprised that many concert fans would rather go to Milwaukee, Madison, or basically any venue not part of the Windy City. They avoid that place whenever possible.

Soundgarden In Concert At Lollapalooza - Day 3
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Illinois Is Home To Many Legendary Concert Venues

I understand that getting to a show in Chicago could be a pain but to me, it is the whole experience, not just the band playing. The venue plays a big role in that too. We are so lucky that in Illinois, especially in Chicago, there are many legendary venues. Places like the Metro and Aragon Ballroom to just name a couple. Going to concerts at those venues makes it so much cooler.

Florida Georgia Line Perform For The "American Expresss Membership Experiences Concert Series"
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The Cool Theaters In Chicago Are Broken In

Think about your favorite t-shirt, jeans, and shoes. What do they all have in common? My guess is that you have owned them for a long time. Your significant other may call them old and worn-out but to you, they are broken-in and perfect. The legendary theaters are the same way. I would consider them well used. It adds to the mystique.

Vic Rivera via Facebook
Vic Rivera via Facebook

Lost And Found At An Old Concert Venue

There is an unfortunate situation at these legendary clubs. If you lose something, there is a good chance you will never see it again. There are so many nooks and crannies it could get stuck in. Many years ago, my friend lost his apartment key at a show in Chicago. It was lost forever.

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Extra Time For Clean Up At Concert Venues 

With a couple of years with no or limited shows, the venue owners had extra time they did not normally have for cleaning, upgrades, and improvements. One of those theaters that took advantage was the Riviera. It is a legendary place with a long history. They discovered some amazing lost treasures during the process.

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Amazing Lost Treasures Found At The Riviera Theatre

While cleaning out the vents under the seats in the theater, the crew found some amazing lost treasures from years ago. Plus, some other fun discoveries.

That is some pretty interesting items that is for sure.

What Are They Now Former Rockford Music Venues

Photos of what replaced legendary music venues in Rockford.

Photos of "The Lot" Outdoor Concert Venue In Clinton, Wisconsin

Photos of "The Lot" Outdoor Concert Venue In Clinton, Wisconsin 

Photos From COVID style Drive-In Concert At Soldier Field Featuring Dark Star Orchestra

Photos From COVID style Drive-In Concert At Soldier Field Featuring Dark Star Orchestra 

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