This is just plain scary. I found my name on this website, and chances are you are on it too. Back in January, I reported on the dangerous FamilyTreeNow website, and now this one has popped up, it has all your private information and it is just as dangerous.

The website is called TruePeopleSearch. Now, let me stress there is no danger clicking on the website itself, it is what is contained on the website that frightens me. The vast amount of information about you, your phone number, the names of your family members, relatives, their addresses, the names of family member's spouses, and more, are all on here.

And yes, you probably don't recall authorizing the website to publish your personal information. You didn't have to, they just did it and it is in black and white for everyone to see. I’ve navigated  their website, and found my personal information. It didn't stop there, I also found my the personal information of family members, relatives and even my father who passed away three years ago.

Everyone with an internet connection has free access to this information, including :

  • Thieves
  • Hackers
  • Stalkers
  • Criminals

The intention of the website is that allows you to find lost family and friends, however, there are no safeguards built in. All you have to do is type in a name or even a phone number, click search and holy cow, tons of names and information instantly pop up.

The site says:

That's our mission statement here at We want to make finding lost friends & family as easy as possible. We noticed the other free people search sites out there weren't very powerful, and the most powerful sites were too expensive. We wanted the best of both worlds! So we created this site for everyone to use for free. It's super powerful. You can find just about anyone in the US. And it's really easy to use. It works equally well on your desktop, smartphone or tablet.

That's all nice, but I did not ask to be included, so no thanks!

The good news is that you CAN remove your information from this site for FREE. here's how.

Click on RECORD REMOVAL request and follow the prompts. At the end you will see this:

Stateline Residents, You Need to Remove Your Information From This Dangerous Website ASAP,

Click on it and you are done. You should see this message:

You Need to Remove Your Information From This Dangerous Website ASAP

The process takes 30 seconds. A word of caution, since a lot of people are getting word of this, the website has been crashing on occasions. If it crashes on you and you get a blue screen that says "ERROR 404", try back later. It happened to me a few times before I was successful.

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