Marie Updike is a mother from Janesville, Wisconsin who just wrote her first book. Not only that, Marie has a website that every mother out there should know about. Her book is titled "Given a Second Chance at Life" and her website is titled Life in a Nutshell.

Marie doesn't just focus on motherhood, although that is a big aspect of her site. She also writes about the difficult things in life like the journey of depression, anxiety, childhood trauma, drug addiction, suicide and more.

Marie doesn't write about these things because she thinks she's an expert or the perfect mom. It's quite the opposite. Marie writes to keep things real and shows that there's no 'perfect mothers' out there. Check her out with her book -

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Her website details -

Join me in laughs while I talk about motherhood, being single parents, my childhood (a very dark past) because I'm not the only one!  I was a cutter and recovering drug addict that is not afraid to share my story!  We are not getting any younger!  Live life to the fullest!

The website is home to Marie's backstory, access to her book, and an incredibly honest and real motherhood blog.

Being a mother isn't easy, and Marie wants you to know that mothers, and humans in general, are not alone in this thing called life.

Listen to MJ on 97ZOK every morning 5:30 to 10 AM.  Follow her on Instagram and Facebook.  

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