Considered by many as Illinois most disliked politician, and a technological dinosaur, Illinois' most disliked politician has started a Facebook page and a website, and many are not buying it, in fact many people are laughing at it.

Illinois house Speaker Michael Madigan (D) on Friday launched his first website and Facebook Page that the critics are saying:

won't be enough to make the people of Illinois forget the decades of damage he has caused.

Madigan, the longest serving State house Speaker in the United States, has long been criticized for ruling the Illinois House with an iron hand, and for forcing poor policy and four income tax increases on the citizen's of Illinois.

Illinois Republican Party Spokesman Aaron DeGroot says:

More than four decades of destruction with massive pension debt, unbalanced budgets, machine politics, and self-dealing – that’s the Madigan record. Welcome to the 21st century, Speaker Madigan, but pictures of you sporting a smile with children won’t save you from all the damage you’ve done to Illinois.

Of course, with social media, comes the unintended 'interaction' with goes along with having a Facebook presence. If you are looking for an evening of fun reading check out the remarks left by taxpayers who have had it up to here with Madigan. For example:

Dennis Carlock writes: "Tar & Feather the scoundrel"
Nancy Sawyer writes: "The Devil is trying to change his image. He’s wasting his time, evil is evil."
Jeff Hendrickson writes: "Delivers for himself and his cronies. Thanks for screwing the state scumbag."
Mark Schahrer writes: "If every tax payer knew how much Madigan cost them each year in taxes they would be flabbergasted ! The middle class is being drained by him .💰💰💰👎👎"

Some of the comments and GIF's cannot be reprinted here. Warning some are NSFW, There are over 257 comments and not one is positive.

So, do you think this new internet presence will help to improve the image of a man who has served as Illinois House Speaker since 1983?

I don't think it will work.

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