The question that every Christmas junkie wants to know...will we have a white Christmas?

Sure December 25th is a little over three weeks away, but if you're like me, you gotta know now. The good news is that once again the internet has come to the rescue!

Introducing, the Will I Get A White Christmas website.  Here's how it works, you just type in your City name (any city on Earth) and it displays the  chances that there will be snow on the ground . So, what are Rockford's chances?

Will Rockford Get a White Christmas?

Here are some of the results for other cities:

  • Freeport, IL 50%
  • Janesville, WI 50%
  • Milwaukee, 50%
  • Miami, FL 25% (really??)

It's important to note that these figures will fluctuate between now and Christmas. Check back often




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