How long will you live? It depends on what county you live in in the Stateline. The rankings are out. Some of you might want to move.

Where you live, plays a big role in how long you will live.

The American Medial Association has just released it's figures for life expectancy for every county in the United States and there is good news and bad news. Let's start with the bad news, if you live in Winnebago county, your life expectancy is the shortest among all counties in the Stateline. If you live in Jo Daviess County, your lifeline is quite long by comparison. In fact, you can expect to live three more years than you would if you lived in Winnebago County.

By comparison, the average life expectancy is 79.03 years in the state of Illinois and 79.79 years in Wisconsin. I'm sure high taxes and bad government hurt Illinois in that department.

The best county in all of Illinois is DuPage county, where you could to live to be 81.87 years. Conversely, Alexander Country in Southern tip of Illinois comes in dead last in Illinois at 74.72 years.

Stateline Counties Ranked By Life Expectancy


Stateline Life Expectancy Rankings by County

1. Jo Daviess: 80.86 years LONGEST LIFE EXPECTANCY

2. LaFayette  80.72 years

3. McHenry: 80.5 years

4. Green: 80.46 years

5. DeKalb: 79.89 years

6. Boone: 79.75 years

7. Stevenson: 79.68 years

8. Ogle: 79.64 years

9. Walworth: 79.57 years

10. Carroll: 79.06 years

11. Rock: 78.89 years

12. Lee: 78.23 years

13. Winnebago: 77.95 years  SHORTEST LIFE EXPECTANCY

Hey, be glad you don't live in Oglala County, South Dakota, where the average life expectancy is 66.81 years. But if you lived in Eagle County in Colorado, you could expect to live to be 85.94 years.

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