We've all done plenty of stupid things, right? If you tossed booze into the story many of us would still admit to doing some even more stupid. This Wisconsin woman might have set the bar when it comes to bad drunken ideas. I mean, why would anyone punch a judge in the face. It didn't even happen on in a courtroom!

Elizabeth Pope of Kenosha, Wisconsin is (as of this writing) sitting in an Illinois jail after doing the dumbest thing you could possibly do anywhere - in any situation. She punched a judge. Why? Because the judge interfered in some family drama while riding on a Metra train, according to WGN. Yes, there may have been alcohol involved.

WGN credits Chicago Tribune for sharing the police report which basically says the 33-year-old woman was insulting her son by yelling obscenities at him. Lake County County Circuit Court Associate Judge Elizabeth Rochford stepped up to rectify the situation and that's when Pope punched her. That ridiculously bad idea landed her in jail on a $70,000 bond. According to the Trib, the train's conductor smelled alcohol on her breath. Remember, Pope is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Let this be a lesson of what not to do, ever. (Check out her mugshot.)

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