This clown ain't no Bozo! Yikes, he's scary as heck and he is for hire. His name is "Wrinkles the Clown" and yes, you can hire him, but would you?

This creepy 65-year-old clown will terrify your misbehaving kid,if you pay him

According to the Washington Post, this clown, who calls Naples Florida home, is being hired by parents to scare children who misbehave.

Wrinkles’s real face remains hidden beneath a distinctive mask with large black eye holes and receding white hair. He favors a polka dot onesie with black rubber gloves and he’s rarely seen without a bundle of colorful balloons in one hand. A slight paunch gives him the unnerving appearance of a menacing, man-size baby who lurks in sewers and children’s closets.

Check out the video. The best part is at the 1:06 mark, footage of the masked clown crawling out from underneath a young girl’s bed.

The Washington Post, reports that for a few hundred dollars cash, here's what you'll get:

  • an appearance at your party or gathering
  • prank your friend
  • scare your misbehaving kid straight

With this in mind, If you had, say, an extra $10,000.00 in cash laying around you could hire "Wrinkles" to come to Rockford and scare a lot of people, would you do it?

Let's do the math

$400.00 Round trip airfare on Allegiant Air from Florida To Chicago-Rockford International Airport

$200.00 for a two night stay at the Radisson Inn on State Street

Two Breakfasts at the Stockholm Inn, Two lunches at Beefaroo and two dinners at Linos $100.00

Rockford Uber Service around town $150.00 for two days

30 kids to scare straight (parents, I bet you could think of a few): $9000.00

TOTAL: $10,000.00

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