I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.

There's really nothing better than hearing this song on a hot summer day ...

That song means it's time to MOVE.

  1. Grab any and all spare change or cash around the house
  2. Throw on the closest pair of shoes
  3. Sprint out the door like your life depends on it
  4. Chase down the ice cream truck
  5. Make the hardest decision of your life picking your treat
  6. ENJOY!

That's how it usually goes with the ice cream truck. So when Illinois and Wisconsin residents are running out to the ice cream truck, what are they getting? A new study revealed each state's "Favorite Ice Cream Truck Treat".

My personal favorite ice cream truck treat is the Choco Taco.

YUM. That treat made the list for several states, but let's get back to Illinois and Wisconsin. What were their favorite treats?

Illinois: Fudgsicle

Wisconsin: Lemon Ice

I'm so down for a Fudgsicle, but lemon ice? Really Wisconsin? There's way more fun options. I get that lemon ice tastes really good on a hot day, but what about a popsicle? Or a Spongebob shaped treat?

From Drumsticks to firecrackers, the list was stacked with a lot of really good options. Speaking of ice cream trucks - I have a life hack for parents.

If you don't want your kid begging you for ice cream every time they hear the ice cream man coming. Tell them they play the song when they're OUT of ice cream for the day. We got that tip on our Facebook page and honestly? Genius.


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